Writing an Article vs. Writing a Blog Post: Whats the Difference?

Writing an Article vs. Writing a Blog Post: Whats the Difference

Note: Ever stupefaction what the opposition is between literature an proviso and handwriting a blog post It s a problem that comes up a lot. Besides way and research, you intensity be puzzled by one of the index differences between blogs and articles. And it s why I decided to receive this prop again. Enjoy! Carol.
There s a lot of furore out there in the freelance-writing domain today about blog posts and articles. Also, about what each of those types of printing must pay.
Recently, I got a lot of explanation to my waken for freelance writers to interrupt text blog posts. Many writers were confused about just what the tone is.
So let s discuss. Because things are changing. And tolerant the differences between these two poetry forms bequeath further you secure more.

For years, blog posts and nonfiction articles were distinctly different:

Differences between Blog Posts and Articles

Blog Post:-
1. Mostly your own opinion
2. No interviews or research
3. Short.
4. Built around SEO keywords
5. Good spelling and grammar optional
6. Casual lettering style
7. No edit involved; self-published
8. Freelance commission rates frequently very low; much trade in the $5-$20 per patch range

1] Your postulate not allowed
2]Has interviews and scrutinize from credible experts and inquire firms
3]Longer than 300 words
4]Keywords not important
5]Spelling and grammar are impeccable
6]More mature essay style
7]An editorial cleans it up for you; published by a lettering magazine
8]Pay rates from $.10-$1 a asseveration and up

Then something happened, and over the past dyad of years, the lines started blurring.
Blog-article convergence
Blog posts started to get more and more like articles. As a bazillion blogs crowded the Internet, the impede began to raise
Blog posts began to have more interviews. They presented exciting data. Posts got longer as bloggers sought to grandstand out and emit more value, until 1,000 words has flatter reasonably standard, and 2,000-word posts are not uncommon. SEO keywords importance lessened as Google cracked down on keyword-stuffed content. Also, as blogs got more professional, many hired editors.
On the article-writing side, there was also movement. Many face magazines began posting copies of their articles online. Suddenly, armoury headlines needed to prod traffic, just like blog-post headlines, and head styles evolved. They published more opinion-driven pieces from postulate leaders. Some also lay up blogs where they suffer writers click the publish identification on their own.
Wordcounts shortened for print, as ad income migrated online. Some magazines went online-only. Their technique got breezier and more casual.
To sum up, the two types of composition began to merge into one. Definitions got squishy, and now there s a lot of confusion.
Except about one thing: Blog posts watch to disburse crap, and articles keep to retaliate better.

Client confusion
Uneducated clients who don t really experience these two forms have been officious muddying up the articulation about them for years. That s made it unsympathetic for writers to determine essay projects and bid them appropriately.
There are plenty of clients out there who chirp the 300-word quickie posts they lack articles, but still crave to kick $5 for them.
There are also many clients who d like you to letter 1,000-word blog posts with two interviews and a scrutinize stat, but they d like to suffer $20 because it s a blog post.
Your duty as a freelance producer is to abbreviate through the bull and get to what the responsibility really is then, speak about what that gig must really pay.

How writers can win more
The substantiality is, clients are always going to extract to get things cheap. It s up to writers to rear clients about what they re asking for, and what s rainless requite for what they requirement you to write.

The all tidings is, the convergence of blog posts and articles must presentation writers advance retaliate opportunities. Blog posts are developing up they re increasing not the surly stepsister of articles. So they ought to amends more like the articles they often are.
But it s up to the producer to accept the steps to capitalize on this conversion in the marketplace.

Some suggested steps:
Define it. When a dependent tells you they desire articles, or they desire blog posts, suggest them to ascertain what they mean. Are there interviews involved How many What s the play length
Sway them. Sell them on the object that what they wish is considered an proviso by pro writers. It ll instantly boost your rates. Make your case for why it s an clause gig.

Sell articles. When you re talking to clients who don t totally difference what they want, deceive them on the judgment that you be be lettering an thing for them, rather than a blog post, if they lack their delight shopping to be successful. Share the recognition of how Google is frowning on below keyword-driven posts.

Sell blog upgrades. If they indigence posts for an surviving blog, disappoint them on the content of taking their blog to the next level, to more of a reported-story, magazine-type feel, and what that could do for their estimation and visibility.

Writing an editorial vs. blog: What to charge
Where most writers are accidental to get $100 a appointment for blog posts and I commend you judge to win that your storey for blog correspondence writing rates are regularly much better. I ve written many at $300-$500, and many more at $600-$2,000, depending on diameter and complexity.
Many smaller always papers medallion in the $75-$100 order for undersized articles, but have the precedence of giving you more beautiful clips for your portfolio. You also get the bonus of investigating to promulgate a story, which lays the groundwork for getting better-paying articles in future, from businesses or magazines.

Getting the win
The truth is, articles and article-style blog posts convey more authority. They overawe more of your client s customers. The projects bequest be more successful, and those clients pleasure be more possible to bribe you back to draft more. It s a honoured win-win you can burden more at the start, and devise inclined end up getting more undertaking from the client, too, because they ll be happier with the results they get.

This all sets you up to go after better-paying publication markets, too, if you have that object in your 2018 to-do list.

If you re daunted by the inspiration of journalism article-style blog posts or full-blown articles, acquire more about correspondence articles.

The supposition of reparation experts, doing interviews, or vetting study freaks out some writers, I know. But entrust me, you can acquire this stuff. I learned it all on the job, by woe and error.

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