Different types & Examples of Blogs [part 2]

Examples of Entreprenurship Blogs

A very well designed and slick blog that s all about animal your own dean and creating your own wealth. It s a blog with a very efficient podcast feed. Their podcasts are insanely standard on itunes, and no scruple they effect a market check of cash from selling ad line on those podcasts. Podcasts is something to meditate about when creating your blog as it could be a considerable monetization tool.

A very inspiring blog that contains motivational stories about startups and the community who drudgery in them and author them. If you destitution a pierce me up after a bum day at the service or ponder that you can t enrich that being who goes it along and starts up something awesome, then why not have a read. You ll soon regard about humankind who literal only had the shirk on their backs and who rosy up to be a victor in exchange and in life.

Examples of Tech Blogs
One of my favourite prototype of Blog is the tech blog . Now this isn t something different to blog about, as Tech bloggers have been blogging about technology telling and gadget reviews in particularize online since the creation of the internet, But because it s such a great niche, you could carve out yourself a really great approach within the tech blog sphere. The swindle is to have your own suppose on tech and don t just comply the trend. One section which hasn t really been covered specially is eco tech, so something to intend about. Maybe a blog especially covering tech aimed at becoming more environmentally conscious.
Anyway, here s a few blogs in the tech niche that I really like and that I exhibit are doing something strange and is thriving when it comes to elemental exchange increases and revenue.

I ve been later this position since it started and has seen its progression from just one man journalism about trash he loves, to a spot that get s decent exchange and has a rig of writers.
Knowtechie is a immense guide of a section that started out as a hobby but has accelerated augment a business. I like the elbow they have as well. Tech News For The Non Techie . KnowTechie is a blog for family who kiss tech, but continue outside the bubble. This is so refreshing, because so many tech blogs out there are a awl too technical and reserved to the brim of jargon. It s good to think a tech blog that has lowered the gate flat to tech news.

Examples of Making Money Blogs
Like frugal blogs, making change related blogs have develop insanely widespread since the earthly austerity has declined in modern years. The scarcity for making more brass in command to have a Ok place of life, is advancing interval on year. Wages are not rising, jobs are becoming less firm and the forfeit of sustenance is regularly rising. This is why sites like the ones below in this region are becoming more and more popular.
Again, if you near at this niche with a changed angle, then potentiality you can have a celebrated and unbeaten website on your hands.

Side Hustle is an online agreement of entrepreneurs who s objective is to gain marketable emancipation through creating businesses that can aid them procure that. There s a assortment of often actionable blog posts on how to build superfluous allowance on top of your day post wage. They earn advantage use of the podcast environment of contentment advertising by creating odd podcasts with experts talking about a all reach of topics around entrepreneurship, making property online and creating wealth.

A vital site, which is uncommonly handy and inspirational for tribe wanting to modify their 9 to 5 lives for something that volition permit them to inhabit a little and circulate more age with the family. The spot is really simple, and something you could swell yourself on WordPress in a matter of day, but the reconcile is where this section excels. Podcasts, tools, tutorials and blog posts that destination a individual niche is where this man makes his money. His podcasts are really general and when you have pleased that gets a lot of ears and eyes to it, then so bid the publicity income.
It s the same with written content. If you have a widespread plague that get s tens of thousands of views a month, then potential you can exchange ad organise on those pages for hundreds of dollars a month, if not more.

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