How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide[+ Free Blog Post Templates] [Part 5]

11. Optimize for on-page SEO.
After you surface writing, go back and optimize your office for search.
Don't obsess over how many keywords to include. If there are opportunities to organize keywords you're targeting, and it won't crash read experience, do it. If you can reckon your URL shorter and more keyword-friendly, go for it. But don't cram keywords or ask for some arbitrary keyword density -- Google's smarter than that!

Here's a little reminder of what you can and to gaze for:
Meta Description
Meta descriptions are the descriptions below the post's plague term on Google's inspect results pages. They provide searchers with a small summary of the announce before clicking into it. They are ideally between 150-160 characters and set with a verb, such as "Learn," "Read," or "Discover." While meta descriptions no longer ingredient into Google's keyword ranking algorithm, they do render searchers a snapshot of what they bidding get by quotation the prop and can support get your clickthrough occurrence from search.

Page Title and Headers
Most blogging procedure uses your beat cognomen as your plague title, which is the most meaningful on-page SEO matter at your disposal. But if you've followed our blueprint so far, you ought already have a applied denominate that determine indeed contain keywords/phrases your mark patrons is prying in. Don't over-complicate your claim by trying to fitting keywords where they don't indeed belong. That said, if there are hurdle opportunities to compute keywords you're targeting to your column denomination and headers, perceive unconfined to interest them. Also, judge to carry your headlines concise -- ideally, under 65 characters -- so they don't get truncated in quest engineer results.

Anchor Text
Anchor matter is the phrase or words that connection to another plague -- either on your website or on another website. Carefully winnow which keywords you deficiency to connect to other pages on your site, because inspect engines draw that into cause when ranking your plague for satisfied keywords.
It's also bloated to reflect which pages you unite to. Consider linking to pages that you privation to sort well for that keyword. You could end up getting it to body on Google's first plague of results instead of its second page, and that ain't ashamed potatoes.

Mobile Optimization
With mobile devices now accounting for thereabouts 2 out of every 3 minutes spent online, having a website that is responsive or designed for mobile has develop more and more critical. In summing up to making certain your website's visitors (including your blog's visitors) have the highest endure possible, optimizing for mobile devise tabulate your website some SEO points.
Back in 2015, Google made a difference to its algorithm that now penalizes sites that aren't mobile optimized. This mouth (May 2016), Google rolled out their second paraphrase of the mobile-friendly algorithm update -- creating a understanding of urgency for the folks that have yet to update their websites. To build certain your section is getting the maximum SEO serve possible, back out this complimentary guide: How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website: SEO Tips for a Post-"Mobilegeddon" World.

12. Pick a catchy title.
Last but not least, it's rate to spruce up that applied entitle of yours. Luckily, we have a unnecessary ritual for essay catchy titles that volition jerk the application of your reader. Here's what to consider:
Start with your active title.
As you institute to edit your title, observe in recollection that it's considerable to comply the privilege legitimate and clear.
Then, form on making your interest sexy -- whether it's through brawny language, alliteration, or another bookish tactic.
If you can, optimize for SEO by sneaking some keywords in there (only if it's natural, though!).
Finally, undergo if you can shorten it at all. No one likes a long, overwhelming epithet -- and remember, Google prefers 65 characters or fewer before it truncates it on its research engineer results pages.

If you've mastered the steps above, pick about some way to deduct your blog posts to the next flat in this post. Want some real examples of blog posts? See what your first blog place can front like, below, based on the crux you fancy and the conference you're targeting.
Blog Post Examples
List-Based Post
Thought Leadership Post
Curated Collection Post
Slideshare Presentation
Newsjacking Post
Infographic Post
How-to Post
1. List-Based Post
Example: 10 Fresh Ways to Get Better Results From Your Blog Posts

List-based posts are to called "listicles," a blend of the words "list" and "article." These are articles that cart facts in the form of a list. A listicle uses subheaders to contravene down the blog publicize into particular pieces, helping readers skim and digest your satisfy more easily. According to ClearVoice, listicles are among the most shared types of packing on philanthropic medial beyond 14 industries.
As you can ascertain in the model from our blog, above, listicles can pose disparate tips and methods for solving a problem.
2. Thought Leadership Post
Example: What I Wish I Had Known Before Writing My First Book

Thought supremacy blog posts tolerate you to indulge in your expertise on a particularity argument matter and accord firsthand learning with your readers. These pieces -- which can be written in the first person, like the beat by Joanna Penn, shown above -- aid you manufacture faith with your conference so race fix your blog gravely as you carry to scribe for it.
3. Curated Collection Post
Example: 8 Examples of Evolution in Action

Curated collections are a distinctive original of listicle blog announce (the first blog station example, described above). But rather than sharing tips or methods of doing something, this symbol of blog prop shares a leaning of real examples that all have something in common, in peace to corroborate a larger point. In the standard place above, Listverse shares eight real examples of elaboration in manoeuvre among eight disparate animals -- starting with the peppered moth.
4. Slideshare Presentation
Example: The HubSpot Culture Code

Slideshare is a award apparatus owned by the humane network, LinkedIn, that helps publishers knapsack a lot of figures into facilely shareable slides. Think of it like a PowerPoint, but for the web. With this in mind, Slideshare blog posts befriend you urge your Slideshare so that it can produce a unvarying run of visitors.
Unlike blogs, Slideshare decks don't often exuberant well on investigation engines, so they insufficiency a dais for getting their minute out there to the man who are looking for it. By embedding and summarizing your Slideshare on a blog post, you can cooperate a countless act of facts and perform it a bad to nobility on Google at the same time.
Need some Slideshare ideas? In the guide above, we turned our company's "Culture Code" into a Slideshare contribution that anyone can scrutinize through and pick lessons from, and promoted it through a blog post.

5. Newsjacking Post
Example: Ivy Goes Mobile With New App for Designers
"Newsjacking" is a nickname for "hijacking" your blog to crash momentous advice related to your industry. Therefore, the newsjack column is a figure of feature whose sole design is to garner consumers' civility and, while offering them timeless trained advice, also determine your blog to be a trusted expedient for questioning about the lavish things that befall in your industry.
The newsjack standard above was published by Houzz, a house decor merchant and interior sketch resource, about a unusual mobile app that launched just for interior designers. Houzz didn't drive the app, but the publication of its launching is no less bloated to Houzz's audience.

6. Infographic Post
Example: The Key Benefits of Studying Online , 'Infographic]
The infographic place serves a matching expectation as the Slideshare pole -- the fourth example, explained above -- in that it conveys figures for which plain blog paraphrase strength not be the favourite format. For example, when you're looking to distribute a lot of statistical figures (without boring or confusing your readers), tools this figures into a well-designed, even fun-looking infographic can facilitate livelihood your readers engaged with your content. It also helps readers mind the data long after they blessing your website.

7. How-to Post
Example: How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide
For our last example, you distress not glance any further than the blog beat you're literature right now! How-to guides like this one restore decode a difficulty for your readers. They're like a cookbook for your industry, walking your patrons through a proposition go by move to right their literacy on the subject. The more posts like this you create, the more equipped your readers devise be to enterprise with you and vest in the services you offer.
Ready to blog? Don't ignore to download your six disengage blog upright templates right here.

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