WordPress is the most general blogging stage and a sturdy contents organization system. By default, it comes with two delighted types: posts and pages. Often beginners get confused between the two.

Blog posts are displayed in a reverse chronological placement (newest to oldest) on your blog plague because they are timely quiescent which means your users fancy have to delve deeper to assessment older posts.
Pages are static one-off original topic such as your about page, look page, products or services pages, household page, and more.
To detect more, entertain our beginner s key on the division between posts and pages.
Pages are frequently adjusted to to a website configuration and layout. Even blogs can have pages alongside them (See our inventory of substantial pages that every blog to have).

Why Do People Blog What are The Benefits of Blogging
Each distinct blogger has their own enlivening for blogging. Many of them use it as an alternate to keeping a diary or journal. Blogging provides them with a venue to yield their creativity and ideas to a wider audience.
Top brands and businesses to blogs to discipline their customers, divide news, and grasp a wider audience. Blogging is an indispensable pass of online shopping modus for many businesses.

Following are just a few benefits of blogging.
Provides an avenue to systematise your thoughts and ideas
Allows you to showcase your skills, creativity, and talents
Help individuals augment an statute in their industry
Helps you socialize with enticing like-minded public online
Many bloggers obtain riches from their blogs using divers monetization methods
Businesses use blogging to yield more inherent customers to their websites
Non-profits can use blogs to stir awareness, field hospitable mediate campaigns, and activate joint opinion.

What are Some Examples of Good Blogs
Blogging is huge!
Millions of individuals and businesses from all over the orb have blogs. This means that there are blogs on just about any question you can consider of.
Here are some valuable blogs that you can damper out as an example. We have hand-picked the superlative blogs in distinct industries to produce you an image of how disagreeable blogs are.

1. Pinch of Yum
Pinch of Yum is one of the most plebeian chow and formula blogs online. Started by Lindsay, a elevated institution teacher, the blog allowed her to withdraw her day vocation and grow a full-time blogger.

2. WeTheParents
WeTheParents is a democratic parenting blog encompass by Neve and Keane (the parents). They bestow parenting tips for moms and dads and while doing so they character wealth by earning authorization on products they recommend.

3. We Wore What
Started by Danielle Bernstein, We Wore What is a recommend figure blog. With more than 1.5 Million followers, it covers everything from accommodate to interior blueprint to menswear.

4. Nerd Fitness
A accordance blog started by Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness is dedicated to helping community repose fit. It provides aptness advice, motivation, support, menu and drilling tips.

5. Lost With Purpose
A widespread trekking blog hunt by Alex, who shares her journeys while offering peregrinate tips, advice, and guides for other backpackers.

6. Tiny Buddha
Tiny Buddha is a visceral developing blog created by Lori Deschene. The blog publishes idea on happiness, love, relationships, mindfulness, spirituality, simplicity, minimalism, letting go, and more.

There are many more chief blogs out there on many dissimilar topics. See our inventory of the most current types of blogs for some more ideas.